The Lac St-Louis Regional Soccer Association (Soccer Lac St-Louis) represents the organization that maintains and ensures the proper functioning of the practice of soccer in one of the largest regional associations in Quebec, all sports combined. Soccer Lac St-Louis offers programs for players, educators and referees. It organizes every year its indoor and outdoor tournaments and various league championships. With the training of more than 1,000 referees and 3,000 educators and volunteers, the practice of soccer in Lac St-Louis reaches all age groups. With its motivated and dynamic employees, they count on many passionate volunteers who devote themselves day after day to providing accessibility to all.


To promote, develop and govern soccer in all its forms at Lac St-Louis; Support LacSt-Louis clubs through concerted and coordinated actions; Promote access to its programs in harmony with its partners, “0” tolerance in terms of discipline, violence, racism, etc.


Be a model of leadership for our partners in the long-term promotion and development of soccer by inspiring passion.



Integrity policy


Soccer Lac St-Louis recognizes the importance of taking reasonable means to prevent and intervene to put an end to any form of abuse, harassment, neglect or violence when such a practice is brought to its attention. We do not intend to tolerate any form of abuse, harassment, neglect or violence, physical, psychological or sexual, in all the programs and activities provided by itself and by its members. I FILE A COMPLAINT

OUr Clubs


Soccer Lac St-Louis has several competitive leagues within its association. It offers competition for youth and senior players. These leagues are held in the summer on the fields of the Lac St-Louis region and in the winter at the Catalogna Soccerplexe. In addition to the competition, Soccer Lac St-Louis organizes a summer tournament in June as well as a winter tournament in January.

Youth Local League


Each summer, more than 150 recreational teams in the U12 to U18 categories compete in different zones of the Lac St-Louis region. In mid-September, the winners from their zone face off in a championship that takes place over a weekend.

Youth Competitive League

Indoor and outdoor

More than 300 teams register for the Lac St-Louis summer season. For the U8 to U12 categories, they end their summer season with an end-of-season festival where more than 175 teams come together to play their last games of the season. The U13 to U18 categories face off in a playoff weekend where the league champion and the playoff champion are rewarded.

Senior League

Indoor and outdoor

Female and male players, over 21 years of age, 130 teams from 14 clubs in the Lac St-Louis region, come together on the fields to participate in a competitive level championship as well as a local championship. During the winter season, a league is offered to competitive senior teams.

Our Fields

Upcoming tournaments

No upcoming tournaments


coaching education


The training in the license component and additional training are offered and managed by Soccer Quebec.
The training schedule for the license component and additional training can be found in the documents.

License C
Children's License
Youth Licence
A-Licence (Soccer Canada)

Complementary trainings
Éducateur Soccer Provincial (ESP)
Goal keeper educator
Club technical director

Please consult the Educator section of the Soccer Québec website or contact Mehmet Sen directly:


mentorat - licence c

Vous voulez vous perfectionner en coaching compétitif ?
Faites-le grâce à nos séances gratuites au travers de techniques d’observation, de vidéos, de pratique et de mise en situation sur terrain.
Faites-nous parvenir votre nom, nom de club, et numéro de passeport.


Complexe Saint-Laurent
2385 boul. Thimens
Saint-Laurent QC H4R 1T4


10, 17 et 24 septembre 2019, de 19h à 21h
1, 8, 15, 22, 29 octobre 2019, de 19h à 21h


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Soccerplexe Catalogna, Lachine
775, 1ere Avenue
Lachine QC  H8S 2S6


Samedi 27 avril 2019, 9h-12 ou 13h30-16h30

The Multisport trainings (PNCE) are offered and managed by Sport-Québec.
1. Competition-introduction modules
Part A:
- Make ethical decisions
- Planning a practice
Part B:
- Elaboration of a basic sports program
- Basic mental abilities
- Teaching and learning

2. Competition-development modules

3. Professional development modules

4. Development and continuous improvement modules

For any information on Multisport training as well as registration, please consult the site or contact directly:

Medical Ressources

Club services
Contact Nicolas Nault for more information:

Sport-études services

- Injury prevention exercises
- Baseline pre-season concussion testing
- Taping (as needed)
- Support and assessment following injuries (treatment and support for exercices)
- Communication with schools
- External service referrals for specialist (if needed)

All about medical resources

Regional Selection

In previous years, the best U13 players were selected to represent the Lac St-Louis region at the Regional Selections tournament or at the Quebec Games. Now, this tournament will be organized for U14s (some U13s may be "surclassé" depending on their level). During the tournament, provincial scouts can choose players who will participate in the Quebec team camps.

All about the regional Teams


REGISTRATION FOR 2024-2025 EVALUATIONS: Registrations are made by clicking on the red button (on the right). An email will be sent to you when the evaluation schedule is established (end of October - November).

Sport-Études is a specialized training program offered by Soccer Lac St-Louis in partnership with Soccer Quebec and 3 educational institutions.

This program is the only one officially recognized at the provincial level by the Government of Quebec and Soccer Quebec.

Thus, Sport-Études schools are institutions that offer student-athletes the opportunity to benefit from a quality academic program in the morning while pursuing their sporting development in the afternoons thanks to adapted schedules.

The Sport-Études program is part of Soccer Québec's development plan for excellence, which is complementary to the work done in the Club!


Through collaboration with our clubs, the Referee Department is responsible for the recruitment, the development and the assignment of referees in the region.

We encourage you to access our Referee Portal, an innovative resource that allows referees, future referees, and all other members to view all information regarding refereeing atSoccer Lac St-Louis

Contact US


7575 Route Transcanadienne
Bureau #610
Saint-Laurent QC H4T 1V6